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Indiana Debt & Divorce Settlement Lawyer

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How will bankruptcy affect my divorce? Is child support discharged in bankruptcy? If my spouse is in debt from a previous marriage, how will this affect me? Will my ex-spouse need to know I am filing for bankruptcy?

At Batesky Law Office, we can answer all of your bankruptcy-related questions. Since 1990, Richard Batesky Jr. has assisted countless clients with their divorce and bankruptcy issues. He can help you understand your options and advise you on the best time to file for bankruptcy.

Contact an Indianapolis divorce and bankruptcy lawyer online or call us toll free at (800) 822-2039 to set up an appointment. Our team of legal professionals is ready to assist you with your bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Before and During a Divorce

If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy before or during your divorce, we can advise you about matters, such as:

-Should I file for bankruptcy jointly with my ex-spouse? If your spouse incurred debt prior to your marriage, that debt belongs to them. You will not need to file jointly. However, if you incurred debt during your marriage, joint filing might be in your best interests. Our firm will assess your debt and help you decide when and how to file.
-Can I file an individual bankruptcy while going through divorce? Yes, you can file separately from your former spouse. We will guide you through your bankruptcy choices so you can start rebuilding your future.
-What happens to my debts coming out of a divorce? After a divorce, your divorce decree or divorce settlement will dictate how your debts are handled. We will work with you throughout your divorce so the divorce decree or settlement coincides with our plan for your debt.

Bankruptcy After a Divorce

Your divorce decree or settlement may dictate how your assets and debts are handled in a bankruptcy. For instance, there may be a provision specifying how to sell your home. If you have been divorced, our team of legal professionals will review your divorce decree or divorce settlement to determine how your debt can be handled.

In most circumstances, your ex-spouse will not need to know you are going through bankruptcy. However, if you have child support payments, Indiana does require you to inform the other parent of your bankruptcy.

If you are unsure whether to file for bankruptcy before, during or after your divorce, Richard Batesky Jr. can assist you in your decision. He is an experienced Indiana debt and divorce attorney. Contact an Indiana debt and divorce settlement lawyer for a free consultation. We offer affordable payment plans for our bankruptcy clients.