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Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

The economic recession has hit Indiana hard. Many people throughout the state have found themselves struggling to make ends meet and facing the possibility of home foreclosure. Batesky Law Office helps people save their homes by using the law to their advantage. Whether through bankruptcy or other debt relief options, we are equipped to help you put your debt problems behind you for good.

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Stop Foreclosure & Save Your Home

At Batesky Law Office, we help people who have fallen behind on mortgage payments and are facing home foreclosure. If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, it is important to act quickly. If you do not take action before your property is sold at a sheriff’s sale, you will have lost your chance to stop the foreclosure process and keep your home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers people a chance to reorganize their debt and catch up on house payments. It reorganizes and consolidates debt into one monthly payment. Importantly, past due mortgage payments can be rolled into the repayment plan, payable over a period of three to five years. You will still have to make your mortgage payments going forward and stay current on your debt repayment obligations, but Chapter 13 offers peace of mind as well as freedom from creditor harassment and collection actions.

Mortgage Modification

Another way in which we can help you save your home and stop foreclosure is by negotiating with your creditors. Oftentimes, a mortgage modification or other debt workout plan is advantageous to both the debtor and the creditor. An experienced debt relief attorney like Richard Batesky Jr knows how speak in the lenders’ language and aggressively pursue loan modifications for people struggling with debt.

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