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Credit Card Debt

In tough times, credit card debt can mount up in a hurry. As high interest rates and finance charges rise and rise, debtors are left struggling just to keep up with minimum payments, which of course only cover their interest payments, and many times it is nearly impossible to even make those. At Batesky Law Office, we help people who are facing sky-high credit card debt get back on their feet and enjoy a fresh financial start. We have extensive experience in bankruptcy law and are well-equipped to help you put your debt problems behind you for good.

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Are You Drowning in Credit Card Debt?

At Batesky Law Office, we help people throughout Indiana put their credit card debt behind them by filing for bankruptcy. or seeking other debt relief options. Credit card debt and other unsecured debt may be completely discharged by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While many people fear filing for bankruptcy will keep them from ever getting credit again, in many cases their fears are completely unfounded.

Many people who file for bankruptcy receive credit card offers almost immediately and have an opportunity to keep current on loans and restore their credit rating. This goal is often impossible to people who do not file, and merely struggle to make minimum payments on their credit card bills.

Attorney Richard Batesky Jr. has been helping people file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy since 1990 and has a long track record of success achieving total debt relief for people just like you. It doesn’t matter how you got here. It just is important to take advantage of the protections that bankruptcy law offers, to achieve a stable future and a fresh financial start.

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