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Medical Issues & Bankruptcy

Even if you have insurance, a serious medical problem can cripple you financially. Co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs can add up quickly. If you cannot afford to pay your mounting medical expenses, bankruptcy might offer the relief you are looking for.

At Batesky Law Office, we have helped clients file for bankruptcy for more than 15 years. Countless clients have come to us with concerns about their financial future in the face of medical debt. We have helped them find financial relief through the bankruptcy process.

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Discharging Medical Bills

Any outstanding medical bills can be discharged in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have been sued by a hospital and have a judgment against you for unpaid hospital bills, this debt can also be eliminated.

The timing of your bankruptcy filing is important to discharging your debts. If you are currently being treated for a medical problem and you file for bankruptcy, any debts you incur after the bankruptcy is completed will not be discharged. At our firm, we will make sure you understand what debts will be discharged and we will file your bankruptcy at a time that works for you.

Keep Your Doctor During Bankruptcy

Many clients come to us wondering if filing for bankruptcy while they are in treatment will have a negative effect on their medical care. It should not. Your doctor will not stop treating you simply because you have filed for bankruptcy.

Some of our clients, however, still fear discharging debts owed to their personal family doctor. When you have built a lifelong relationship with one doctor, we understand you would not want to develop any animosity regarding your bill. We have helped numerous clients develop bankruptcy plans allowing them to pay their family doctor and maintain an amicable doctor-patient relationship.

Keep Your Insurance Coverage During Bankruptcy

When you have a major medical event, your insurance may not be enough to keep you from financial ruin. However, even if it doesn’t keep you afloat, you would not want coverage to end if you file for bankruptcy.

Your insurance company will not cancel your policy if you file for bankruptcy, as long as you stay current on your premium. We will work with you to develop a bankruptcy and budgetary plan that allows you to maintain your current coverage.

Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation

If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits or payments as a result of a work-related injury, this money is not reachable as an asset by a bankruptcy trustee. This mean the bankruptcy trustee cannot use it to pay off your other debts.

Contact an Indiana discharge medical bills and bankruptcy attorney to discuss your debt. We offer reasonable payment plans for clients facing bankruptcy.

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