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Sheriff’s Sales

If you are facing foreclosure and are in fear of losing your home, the sheriff’s sale is the metaphorical point of no return. If you do not take decisive action before the date of this sale, you will lose your home. At Batesky Law Office, we help people avoid foreclosures and sheriff’s sales by helping them through the bankruptcy process or by using other debt relief options. We know how to use debt management techniques including Chapter 13 bankruptcy, on your behalf, helping you save your home and other property.

Batesky Law Office understands that you have worked hard to buy your home. Unfortunately, unexpected financial pressures (like job losses, divorce, cut hours or personal injuries) have led many homeowners in Indiana and across the country to default on mortgage loans, leaving them vulnerable to home foreclosure.

Attorney Richard Batesky Jr. has helped numerous people throughout Indiana save their homes by guiding them through the bankruptcy process. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is especially useful in avoiding home foreclosure because it allows you to roll past due amounts into a repayment plan that spreads your debt over a three to five year period and remain in your home..

It is important that you seek help in a timely manner; if your bankruptcy petition is not filed before the date of the sheriff’s sale, your home will remain on the auction block and you run the risk of losing it forever. Filing for bankruptcy protection or attempting a mortgage modification quickly will help you avoid foreclosure and keep the home you have worked so hard for.

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