4-Year-Old Amirah Whiten Awarded $23.6M in Birth Injury Lawsuit

A jury in Chicago spent two days deliberating before returning a verdict that awarded 4-year-old Amirah Whiten and her family $23.6 million for injuries sustained during birth.

Facts About the Case

Amirah Whiten was born on December 19, 2014 at the St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago. Fetal monitors showed that the baby was in fetal distress and needed immediate intervention via caesarean section. Instead, the doctors waited over three hours to perform the operation, and by the time it was completed, the baby had suffered severe brain damage as a result of lack of oxygen.

According to the lawsuit filed in 2015, Marquita Snow-Whiten, the girl’s mother, was taken to the emergency room after suffering from a fall. After conducting tests to determine the health of the mother and baby, she was discharged. She returned to the hospital again on December 19 after being kicked in the stomach by a patient while working as a nursing assistant. At this time, it was discovered that there was an issue with the baby’s heart and how it was functioning.

The lawsuit stated that no intervention was made for three hours after arriving at the emergency room. After the delivery, it was determined that baby Amirah did not receive adequate oxygen and blood for an extended period of time, which caused brain dysfunction. Amirah has extensive mental and motor deficits that will require a lifetime of ongoing treatment and supervision.

During the discovery phase of the lawsuit, it was determined that after the birth, the baby needed brain cooling. The doctor that was assigned to care for Amirah did not know that the hospital had the ability to perform such a procedure.

Indiana Birth Injury Lawyer

The family believed that the hospital and doctors were negligent in that they did not provide immediate, necessary care for their unborn child. The jury found the hospital responsible for Amirah’s condition that stems from birth injuries.

With the family facing a lifetime of care for Amirah, the award money was placed in a fund that will help them with the cost of lifelong medical treatment and daily care.

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